It's a metamorphosis


Last weekend, my friends and I were supposed to join a fruit-picking bus tour.
However, I declined upon knowing the time of departure from Tokyo.
Why did I pass up this chance?
You see, I am not a morning person.
I am still half the woman many people know around 5:30am.
I only become complete around 9am.
Plus, I prefer the transformation to happen in the comfort of my home or in the restroom and not on a mode of public transportation.

I often see these signs aboard the subway in Tokyo.

nicole make up

But these signs do not stop some women from putting on their make up in front of on looking passengers.
Amazing how they can line their eyelids, put on their lashes while and curl their lashes while the train is going around 80km/h.

For those of you who feel disgusted about these rituals being done in the train, I think you are still lucky.
You haven't seen someone doing this on the train, have you?

nicole face