Big Shoes To FIll


According to Heraclitus, change is the only thing that endures.
We cannot prevent it from happening.
All we can do is to accept it and adapt.
If we choose not to, we will be left behind or left out.

Last week, big changes shook the world.
First, Apple's iconic CEO, Steve Jobs announced his resignation.
Upon hearing this news, a lot of his followers were saddened.
The other news was Japan's Prime Minister Kan's decision to step down.
After being severely criticized for his administration's handling of the Tohoku earthquake, former PM Kan has long been nudged to resign from his post.
His announcement last Friday garnered mixed emotions from the public both in Japan and overseas.

Both newsmakers will soon be replaced by their successors.
For Apple it will be Tim Cook and for Japan, it will probably be Mr. Yoshihiko Noda.
The two gentlemen will be scrutinized severely in their first few days.
In addition, the public will expect a lot from both so they have to deliver.
They both have their work cut out for them... and they both have big shoes to fill.
I wish them luck in their respective fields.