Why I stay awake for the World Cup games


Since the opening of the 2010 World Cup series, I have been losing sleep regularly.
Every time I say that to my friends and learners, many of them do not understand my fascination with his sport.

The major reason I rave about the World Cup is because I used to play soccer when I was in highschool.
At that time, I still could run for 45 minutes straight without getting tired... good old days!

Watching soccer games has never failed me to wish that I were on the field running after the ball.
It is such an exhilirating game to watch, especially if the players (blessed with fantastic footwork skills) are very passionate about winning.

However, there is another reason for all this craziness about soccer that only some people would admit.
This blog says it all.

Below is a list of my 2010 World Cup minor reasons for staying up...

1. Yoann Gourcuff - France's Midfielder
nicole pick1

2. Thierry Henry - France's Striker
nicole pick2

3. Gonzalo Higuaín - Argentina's Striker
nicole pick3

4. Frank Lampard - England's Midfielder
nicole pick4

5. Kaká - Brazil's Midfielder
nicole pick5

6. Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal's Striker
nicole pick6


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