生きた表現が学べるDCECメルマガダイアログ Number Crunching Punches"

T: Tre S: Soren

Coffee break at the office...

S: Tre, have you read the news today?

T: What type of news? Is there another strong earthquake similar to what happened in Chile and Haiti? Or is there a super typhoon or flash flood somewhere in South and Southeast Asia?
S: Hey, take it easy. There are other headline-grabbing events aside from natural disasters. What I mean is the recent boxing match of Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey last Sunday in Cowboys Stadium, Texas.

T: Oh yeah!...it's a big buzz among boxing enthusiasts...
well, Pacquiao is the first boxer in history to win seven world titles in seven different weight divisions and had been christened by boxing experts as the greatest Asian boxer of all time.

S: I'm thrilled that Pacquiao defeated his Ghanaian challenger and still the reigning WBO World Welterweight Champion.
T: Me too, but that was not a spectacular fight (scratching his head)...I was expecting a knock-out.

S: His opponent was on guard all the time and not throwing enough punches...merely 399 punches with 27% accuracy.
He should have displayed enough bravado to fight head to head with Pacquiao. It seems that the whole fight was a farce.

T: You sound like a boxing analyst. hahaha! But you're right...(trying to recall)...this fight is not worthy of being compared with the previous matches of Pacquiao with Morales, Marquez, De La Hoya and Cotto, which I deem as nerve-wrecking and blood-raising bouts.

S: Yeah...yeah...(nodding). Those were really amazing...
I was glued on the TV while the boxers fought toe-to-toe.
They were like gladiators ready to take on the punch of death...a saga of survivors.

T: Those fights incited an adrenalin rush for the spectators. For me, the boxers' demeanor greatly influences the quality of the fight.

S: I agree with you. But even if Clottey's attitude was disappointing, Pacquiao's boxing prowess was enough to keep me excited throughout the fight. Pacquiao overwhelmingly won all 12 rounds against Clottey.

T: He never gave a chance to his opponent. Pacquiao threw number-crunching punches every round.

S: No doubt...at the end of the fight Pacquiao threw 1231 punches and 246 successfully landed on various parts of his opponent.

T: ...it was like a barrage of hammering punches that broke the hard shell...

S: Indeed. With Pacquiao's blazing speed, powerful combination of punches and magnificent strategy, he kept his opponent at bay and couldn't peep from his shell hehehe!

T: Right...right...Hooray to Pacquiao, the greatest Filipino fighter!


★flash flood‐鉄砲水
★natural disasters‐自然災害
★big buzz‐最近の大きな話題
★of all time‐空前の、史上~の
★WBO (World Boxing Organization) World Welterweight Champion‐
 ウェルター級ボクシング チャンピョン
★head to head‐接戦の
★blood-raising bouts‐血圧が上がるような発作
★glued on the‐くぎ付けになる
★the punch of death‐死のパンチ
★a saga of survivors‐生き残った人(勝ち抜いた人)の英雄伝
★incited ‐求める
★adrenaline rush‐興奮状態、感情の高まり
★number crunching punches‐複雑な(計算しにくい)パンチ
★barrage of hammering punches ‐連発攻撃のパンチ
★broke the hard shell‐堅い殻を破る
★blazing speed‐高速な
★magnificent strategy‐最高の戦略


登場人物  T: トレ S: ソ-レン


S: トレ、今日のニュース読んだ?
T: どんなニュース?チリやハイチであったような高周波地震がくるの?
S: ちょっと落ち着けよ。 自然災害以外にも注目すべき見出しはあるよ。
T: ああ、それね!…ボクシングマニアの間では最近の大きな話題だね...
S: パッキャオがガーナの挑戦者に勝って、ウェルター級チャンピオンを防衛したからぼくはもう興奮したよ。
T: ぼくもだよ。でもあれは見事な戦いとは言えないな(頭をかきながら)…
S: 彼の対戦相手が常に守りに入って十分なパンチを出さなかったから…
T: なんかボクシングの解説者みたいだよ。ははは!でもきみの言うことは正しいね…(思い出そうとしながら)この試合は前回のパッキャオ対モラレス、マルケス、デ・ラ・ホーヤやコットとは比べ物にならないね。彼らとの試合は緊張感があって血圧が上がりそうな試合だと目を見張っていたんだ。
S: うん…うん(首を振っている)。あの試合は本当にすごかったね…
T: あのときの戦いは観客にとって興奮を呼び起こすものだったよ。
S: 同感だよ。でも、いくらクロッティーの態度が悲しいものだったとは言え、パッキャオの優れたボクシングの腕前に試合の間中ぼくはやられてたね。パッキャオは全12ラウンド圧勝でクロッティーに勝ったからね。
T: 彼は絶対に対戦相手に隙を与えなかったよね。どのラウンドでもパッキャオは骨まできしむパンチをくりだしていたよ。
S: まさにその通り…最終的にパッキャオは1231パンチを打って、246はうまく対戦相手のいろんな箇所に当てたよ。
T: 堅い殻を割るための連発攻撃のパンチみたいだったよね。
S: 確かにね。パッキャオの高速でパワフルなコンビネーションパンチと最高の戦略は対戦相手を寄せ付けず、委縮させてたね。
T: そう…その通り…やったぜパッキャオ、一番すごいフィリピン人ボクサーだ!