Racing the train


U: Umi     Sc: Scott

Scott and his coworkers are getting ready to close up the
office and head home.

U:  Did you ride your bike to work again today?
Sc: Of course. The day will soon come when I won't be able
  to ride to work anymore, so I'm getting in as much as
    I can.
U:  Doesn't it take you a long time?
Sc: Not really. I actually find that it's more efficient
    time-wise than taking the train.
U:  How do you reason that?
Sc: Well, aside from the fact that I ride like the wind,
    I'm saving the time it takes to walk to and from
    the station.
U:  That makes sense. So, how long does it take you?
Sc: Door-to-door, about ten minutes, give or take.
U:  Wow, that's impressive.
Sc: Yeah, if only there were more than just a few weeks
    left of this good riding weather.


1. What did Scott do again today?
A: Ride his bike.
B: Reason.
C: Ride like the wind.
2. Does Scott find it more efficient to ride his bike or take
   the train?
A: Train.
B: Bike.
C: He doesn't say.
3. How long does it take Scott to ride to work?
A: The time it takes to walk to and from the station.
B: A few weeks.
C: 10 minutes.


★close up - 閉じる、打ち切る
★head home - 家に帰る
★The day will soon come - ~する日がそのうち来る
★getting in as much as one can - できるだけ乗っている
★time-wise - 時間に関して
★reason - 判断する、結論づける
★like the wind - 風ように、疾風のごとく
★saving time - 時間を節約して
★door-to-door - 出発地点から到着地点まで、
★give or take - (数値が)~の増減を含んで、およそ


登場人物: U - ウミ  Sc - スコット


U: 今日もまた自転車で仕事に来たの?
Sc: もちろん。自転車通勤できなくなる日が来る前に、できるだけ
U: 時間かからないの?
Sc: そんなに。実際電車に乗るより時間的には効率がいいんだ。
U: どうしてそう言えるの?
Sc: うん、疾風のように速く走るっていうことを除いて、駅への
U:   なるほどね。で、どのくらいかかるの?
Sc: 玄関を出て職場にたどり着くまでだいたい10分位かな。
U:  わぁ、すごい。
Sc: うん、ただ自転車に乗るいい天気があと2~3週間以上続けばの