Keeping my fingers crossed


E: Emery   H: Hiro   K: Keiko   T: Taka

During a usual free chat.

E: (to Hiro) You look so beat.
H: Setting the next fiscal year's budget is quite
   perplexing.  Can’t wait for it to be over.
K: Same goes with my husband. March is one of the
   busiest months of the year.
E: Anything that keeps you busy, Keiko?
K: Meetings with the other moms of my son’s class.
   We are working on their graduation album as a
   simple keepsake for them.
T: Oh, your son is graduating from elementary.
K: Graduation is a milestone not only for graduates
   but also for us parents (in a proud tone).
T: You are perfectly right.
H: (to Taka) How was your TOEIC test last Saturday?
T: Argh. I wanted to forget that!
K: When’s the result out?
T: Two weeks from now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed
   for a high score. It is important to me.
E: I guess March is full of significant events in our
   lives and companies. For DCEC, March is our
H: That reminds me of DCEC’s “On Cloud 9” event.
   Emery, I am sorry I have to pass this time
   (with a pleading look).
E: OK (with a glum face).  You’ll miss out the fun but
   I do understand.
K: Don’t be sad Emery. I’ll be able to come.
   Plus, I’ll be tagging my son along.
E: (face brightened) That’s great! (turning to Taka)
   and you Taka?
T: Can I answer next week? Have to check with my
   girlfriend first. I might ask her to come too.
E: OK, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your ‘yes’.
   I’ll probably need Hiro and Keiko’s fingers too.

Hiro and Keiko showed their crossed fingers to Taka.


★keep someone’s fingers crossed -
★beat - 疲れ切って、へとへとで、くたくた
★fiscal year - 会計年度
★perplexing - 当惑(混乱)させる、理解しにくい
★same goes - ~も同様の
★work on - ~に取り組む
★keepsake - 記念の品、思い出の品
★milestone -
★argh -(驚き・苦痛・怒りなどを表して)アーッ
★significant - 重要な、意義深い、大きな影響を与える
★on cloud 9 - 至福の状態で
★pass - やめておく、遠慮する
★pleading - 訴えるような
★glum - 浮かない顔の、落胆した
★miss out - (チャンス・楽しいことなどを)逃す、見逃す
★tag someone along - ~を連れていく

Questions :

1.What do Hiro and Keiko’s husband working on their companies?
  a.They are working on a big project.
  b.They are working on a new product launch.
  c.They are working on their company’s fiscal year budget.

2. What does Keiko consider as a milestone in her life?
  a. Graduation
  b. Passing the examination
  c. Winning a lottery

3. What’s the theme of DCEC’s 9th anniversary event?
  a. A magic show
  b. On cloud 9
  c. A night out


E: エミリー   H: ヒロ   K: ケイコ   T: タカ


H: 次の会計年度の予算をたてるのにかなりまごついていて、早く
K: 私の夫も同じことをやっているわ。3月は1年でもっとも忙しい
E: 他にも忙しいことある、ケイコ?
K: 息子のクラスのママさんたちとのミーティングよ。
T: へぇー、息子さんは小学校を卒業するんだね。
K: 卒業式は卒業生だけじゃなく、私たち親たちにとってもひとつ
T: 全くもってその通り。
H: (タカへ) 先週の土曜日のTOEICテストはどうだったの?
T: あー、忘れたかったのにー!
K: 結果はいつわかるの?
T: 今から2週間後。ぼくにとって重要だから、高得点取れるよう
E: 3月には私たちの生活の中や会社で重要なイベントがいっぱい
H: そういえばDCECの「On Cloud 9(幸せでいっぱいの)」イベント。
E: わかったわ。(浮かない顔で)出られなくて残念だけど仕方ない
K: そうがっかりしないで、エメリー。私は出席できるわ。
T: 来週返事してもいいかな?彼女に聞いてみないと。一緒に来る
E: 了解。「イエス」の返事が聞けるよう祈ってるわ。ヒロとケイコ