DCEC Listening Exercise Videos


Happy New Year, everyone!

In Dela Cruz English Club, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and outstanding value.  And since our learners' needs always come first, we are hereby launching a series of videos to improve English listening skills.  The topics are from our very own Mail Magazine which you have grown to love.

Happy listening!

"Shopaholic" is the first offering of our listening exercise videos.  It is about an outdoor event in DCEC which Toshi, Noboru, Megumi and Sachiko participated.  With them are DCEC governesses, Julia and Blessed.

"Let's go Dutch" is the second clip of our listening exercise videos. The conversation happens during one of DCEC's company lessons which Diana handles.  Diana is explaining an expression to her three learners, Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Yamamoto.

"Famous Lines" is a conversation that happened after Julita's and Marie's private classes.  They gathered in

 the lobby area, for the learners to write down their Christmas  messages.
"I wish for everyone's happiness."
or  "Peace to the world."
or   "I wish I'd be able to speak English

"A Sign" is a conversation between three governesses who are talking about what gifts they received, a day after the Kris Kringle activity.