Keep your day job


Characters: N - Nicole Eu - Euneece E - Emery U - Umi S - Shima

It was Golden Week and the DCEC staff were at a farm
in Chichibu having lunch.

E: That was a very satiating meal.
Eu: Oh yes! We even smell like our food.(sniffing her clothes)
S: Now, we're off to make some buckwheat noodles.

At the soba making class, the teacher gave his instructions
in Japanese. Shima and Umi translated them for the others.

N: So, I'm supposed to mix this flour and water just like
when I shampoo my hair? (moving her hands in circles)
U: That's correct. You do that until he says
(pointing to the teacher) you're done.
N: Sounds easy.

After a while...

S: How are you doing there, Nicole?
(looking at Nicole's big steel basin)
N: I have no idea if I'm getting anywhere.
But if this continues longer, I think I would need
to get a back massage later.
Eu: I know! It just looks easy but it's not.

Soba teacher came and told them the dough was good and that
it was ready for rolling.

Eu: Emery, you roll and we will make the sound, "Tan tan tan tan!"
(grinning at Emery)
E: No fair!

As Emery rolled the dough, she created a hole in the dough.

N: Emery! Look at what you did. (pointing at the big hole)

Everyone laughed heartily at the scene.

U/E: Oh no!
S: Here comes the teacher...
Eu: Quick! Patch it up.
(desperately trying to patch up the hole in the dough)

The soba teacher looked at the dough, then to the group and
finally talked to Shima.

N: Was he angry?
E: What did he say? (looking worried)
S: He said it didn't matter how the dough looked like.
It would still taste good.
Eu: Ha ha ha! Such a nice man!

Finally, the teacher demonstrated how to cut the dough.
Nicole, Emery, Umi and Euneece tried their hand at cutting the dough.
As a result, they produced different sizes of noodles.

N: Shima, what do you think? (showing off her well-cut noodles)
S: That's soba! (making Nicole beam)
U: How about mine?
S: Hmmm... let us wait for the teacher's judgement. (teasing Umi)
E: Speak of the devil (stepping aside so that the teacher
could see the noodles the group made)
Soba teacher: Udon desu ka?
Eu: (shaking her head) Fettucine desu!

The soba teacher with the DCEC group laughed their heads off.

N: I guess we have to keep our day jobs.
Eu: And just buy the commercially available soba.
E: Ditto!


★keep your day job - 仕事を続ける
★satiating - 満腹の
★sniff - 嗅ぐ
★off to - ~へ出かける
★No fair! - ずるい!
★laugh heartily - 心から笑う
★Quick! - 速く!
★patch it up - 繕う
★demonstrate - 実演する
★tried their hand - やろうとする、挑戦する
★show off - 目立とうとする
★well-cut - 仕立てのよい
★beam - 顔を輝かせる
★judgement - 判断
★speak of the devil - 噂をすれば影
★step aside - 脇へ退く
★laugh their heads off - 爆笑する
★commercially available - 市販の
★Ditto! - 同じく


登場人物: N - ニコル Eu - ユニース E - エメリー 
      U - ウミ S - 島


E: お腹いっぱいになる食事だったわ。
Eu: ほんとそうね! 食べ物のにおいがするくらい。(自分の服を
S: さて、これから蕎麦を打ちに行くよ。


N: それで、この粉と水をシャンプーする時みたいに混ぜればいい
U: そういうこと。彼がいいって言うまで(先生を示して)やるのよ。
N: 簡単そうじゃない。


S: ニコル、そっちの様子はどうだい?(ニコルのボールを見る)
N: どのくらいやったかわかんない。でもこれ以上続けたら、
Eu: ほんとよ! 簡単そうに見えるけどそうじゃないのよね。


Eu: エメリー、あなたが生地を伸ばして、私たちが「タンタンタン!」
E: ずるーい!


N: エメリー! ちょっと見てみなさいよ。(大きい穴を指し示す)


U/E: あーあ!
S: 先生が来た...
Eu: 早く! 直して。(生地の穴を必死に直そうとする)


N: 先生怒ってた?
E: 何て言ったの?(心配そうに聞く)
S: 生地は見た目がどうでも問題ないって。味には変わりないから。
Eu: ハハハ! いい先生ね!


N: 島さん、どう思う?(うまく切られた麺を見せびらかす)
S: これは蕎麦だね!(ニコルが笑顔になる)
U: 私のはどう?
S: ふーむ。先生の判断を待とう。(ウミをからかう)
E: 噂をすれば影よ。(先生にみんなで作った麺が見えるように、
Soba teacher:(日本語で)うどんですか?


N: 今の仕事を続けたほうがよさそうね。
Eu: そして売っている蕎麦を買う、と。
E: 同じく!