The Amazing Race - Nippon Day 1 (Monday): Osaka


Day One (Monday): Osaka

When we were arranging our itinerary, it was very imperative that each person chose one place they would like to see.
Osaka was my choice because of Universal Studios.

nicole usj

I didn't want to go to Kansai region again without visiting this amusement park.
Thus, it was the first thing in our itinerary.

We arrived early morning; even before the park opened (it wasn't so obvious that I was excited, right).
So, we checked in early at the hotel.
I just would like to mention that we got a great deal on the hotel room we booked.

Just imagine, I reserved a family room.
When we went up to the 10th floor where our room was located, the grand view of the harbor greeted us.

nicole hotel view

Next thing I noticed was how big the room was. (Well, maybe I just got so used to staying in a 1K apartment.)
It was really spacious!
They gave us four beds, sofa, table and side tables, plus all the amenities that you get from a resort hotel.
The other thing that excited me was the size of the tub.
It was Western style and size! Sweet, right? (The moment I saw it I was already planning to use it after a day of enjoying the park.)
You would never guess how much we paid for that room.
All I can say is use Hotels.com when you would like to book a hotel for your recreational trips.

We went around the park and tried to ride all the attractions that looked and sounded good.
My sisters and I decided to start with the easy and fun ones, thinking that we might not enjoy the other rides if we were already dizzy.
Mind you, I am not the thrill seeker kind of gal.
I don't thrive on neck-breaking rides and the adrenaline rush it gives us.
Thus, the Hollywood Dream ride was the second to the last one and Jurassic Park was voted to be the last one since we were expecting to get soaked during the ride. (But we didn't.)

Before heading back to our hotel, we waited for the "Magical Starlight Parade."

nicole starlight parade

Seeing floats lighted with hundreds of LED lights made me feel warm inside. (It made me think of the energy shortage we are experiencing in Kanto area.)
As the parade ceased, the last float caught my attention.

nicole wishes come true

It said, "May All Your Wishes Come True."
For my family, it already did.