The Amazing Race - Nippon

As we approach the last leg of our journey, let me share with you what happened during the whole time my whole family was here. I call it the "The Amazing Race - Nippon." To those of you who are familiar with this American reality TV show, you would understand why. But to those who are not so familiar with this show, here's a little clip for you.

Ever since everyone arrived last May 15, we all felt that we were participating in the contest. Each day we had to stick to an itinerary that was so hectic. Why? We wanted to make the most of their trip, that's why. They only had a week so we had to cramp all the things they wanted to see in that duration. Thus, we visited6 prefectures in 6 days. For the next 6 posting, allow me to share with you some of the memorable things that transpired.

The Amazing Race Nippon DCEC