Strange Food




People living in different places have different tastes in
 a lot of things. This include our preference to food.
When we travel, it is almost certain that we will encounter
the delicacies in those areas but may seem exotic to us.
In "Strange Food", learners share their experiences
regarding exotic food.

1. Why did Tokie order a sausage made of pig's blood?
 a. She heard sausages go well with beer.
 b. Tokie thought it was the best thing in the menu.
 c. She accidentally ordered it because she couldn't read
     the menu.

2. How did the meat of the kangaroo and crocodile taste?
 a. The crocodile meat tasted like kangaroo.
 b. Both tasted like chicken.
 c. Both tasted strange.

3. Why did Yasuo eat the pigeon's head?
 a. The president pressured her to eat it.
 b. She had no choice the president would not buy her
     clothes if he didn't try it.
 c. If she didn't, the president would ask her to go back
     to Japan immediately.