DCEC MMD: Sports Talk


今週は音声付メルマガダイアログ "Sports Talk" です。

In Dela Cruz English Club, we pride ourselves on exceptional
service and outstanding value.
And since our learners' needs always come first, we are hereby
launching a series of videos to improve English listening skill.
The topics are from our own Mail Magazine which you have grown
to love.

In celebration of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, let's
listen to our learners'chat with their teacher about sports.


Did you understand the conversation?  Try answering the following questions.

1.  When did Tetsuya stop his sports activities?
  a.  Tetsuya stopped his sports activities when he got married.
  b.  He stopped when he moved to Saitama.
  c.  Tetsuya never stopped his sports activities.

2.  Why did Hiroshi cease going to the gym and playing tennis?
  a.  He became busy at work.
  b.  Hiroshi ceased going to the gym because he didn't have
      enough money to pay for it.
  c.  He stopped playing tennis because of his injury.

3.  How does Marie exercise?
  a.  By standing a lot
  b.  By doing yoga every weekend
  c.  By brisk walking when she goes shopping

4.  What kind of sports are you into?

"Sports Talk"

In Marie’s class with two gentlemen. Just before the class was
about to end.

Marie:  Oh, by the way, I wasn’t able to ask you before about what
     sports you are into.
Tetsuya:Actually, when I transferred here in Saitama, I stopped my
        sports activities. But I used to go scuba dive twice or
        thrice a year…
Marie:  I see…How about you Hiroshi?
Hiroshi:I used to go to the gym. And I also played tennis…
        However, I have been very busy with work, so I have no more
        time for sports.
Marie:  Except for your F1 race in PS2?
Hiroshi (grins): You’re right…
Tetsuya:How about you, Marie? Are you into any sports right now?
Marie:  Actually, I used to swim a lot but when I came to Japan, I
        haven’t even dipped my toes into a puddle. My only
        exercise every weekend is when I go shopping …
Hiroshi:But shopping is not a sport…
(The men laugh as Marie blushes).
Marie:  Haha! I know, but I still do some brisk walking each time!

●Useful & Humorous expression

★what sports you are into

be(またはget) into something は、話し言葉でsomething が好き、とか

Ex. I was really into baseball when I was a high school student.

★I used to go to the gym

動詞の前にused to を使って、誰かがかつていつもやっていた事を表現し

Ex. Alice used to play the piano everyday, but she hardly ever
plays now.

★I haven't even dipped my toes into a puddle.

puddle は道などにできた雨水の水溜りのことです。lake や pond は知っ
ていてもpuddle はなかなか出てこないのではないですか。

Ex. Tommy walked through puddles and splashed the rainwater.

★Marie blushes

blush は恥ずかしくて(または動揺して)顔が赤くなる事を指します。

Ex. Satosi blushes every time he talks to Julita.


登場人物 : M - マリー, H - ひろし, T - てつや


M: ああ、ところで、さっき、2人がどんなスポーツが好きなのか
T: 実は僕はここ埼玉へ引っ越した時にスポーツをやめたんだ。
M: わかりました・・ひろし、あなたはどう?
H: 僕はジムに通ってたよ。それから、テニスもしてたけど・・、
M: プレステ2のF1レース以外はね?
H (にんまり笑って):その通り・・
T: マリー、君はどう? 今、何かスポーツにはまってる?
M: 実は、以前は水泳をよくしていたのだけど、日本へ来てからは
H: でも、ショッピングはスポーツじゃないよ・・
M: あはは!分かってるわ。でも、毎回、早足のウオーキングをし