A Wild Night Out


T: Tsuyoshi   H: Hiroko   Sc: Scott  N: Nicole

It's Saturday evening and the lessons have just ended.
After finishing everything for the day, Scott rushes to
the bathroom to change his clothes. As he emerges, two
learners standing in the lobby are surprised at his

T:  Wow, a jinbei! You look great.
H:  Yes, that fits you very well.
Sc: Oh, thank you. I bought it in Kiyosato last year.
    It is very comfortable.
H:  You even have geta, I'm impressed. What's the occasion?
Sc: Yeah, they are a bit small, though. I'm going to the
    Sumidagawa fireworks display with my friends tonight.
T:  That's great. I'm sure you'll have a blast.
Sc: I'm sure I will.

------The following Monday----------

Sc: Oh, my feet hurt.
N:  What's the matter?
Sc: I went to the Sumidagawa fireworks and my geta broke
    on the way home. I have no idea how or why, but
    suddenly I heard a loud 'SNAP!' and next thing I know,
    my left heel was touching the ground.
N:  That's a first. I've never heard of geta breaking.
Sc: Yeah, I posted a picture on facebook and one of my
    friends said I must be getting fat... I told him
    he's just calling the kettle black.
N:  What did you do?
Sc: I just manned up and walked the rest of the way
    balancing on the unbroken part.
N:  Whatever works, I guess.


1. Where was Scott on Saturday night?
A: In Kiyosato buying a jinbei.
B: Breaking his geta.
C: Watching the fireworks in Sumidagawa.
2. What happened to Scott's shoes?
A: They broke.
B: They were a bit small.
C: They were touching the ground.
3. What did Scott do afterwards?
A: He called the kettle black.
B: He heard a loud 'SNAP!'.
C: He walked home.


★attire - 衣装、服装
★fits - (形や大きさなどが~に)合う、フィットする
★have a blast - とても楽しい経験をする(時間を過ごす)
★suddenly - 突然に、急に、すぐに、いきなり
★SNAP! - ポキッと折れること、パチンという音
★heel - かかと
★posted -(インターネットなどに情報を)掲載する、投稿
★calling the kettle black - 自分のことを棚に上げて他人
★manned up -(男性などが)毅然とした態度を取る、しっかり
★Whatever works, I guess - うまく行くなら形式はどうでも


T - ツヨシ  H - ヒロコ  Sc - スコット  N - ニコル 


T: わぁ、甚平だ!かっこいいね。
H:  うん、凄くお似合いだわ。
Sc: ありがとう。昨年清里で買ったんだ。とても着心地が
H: 下駄まで履いているのね、すごーい。何があるの?
Sc: ああ、下駄はちょっと小さいんだけどね。今晩友達と
T: それはいいね。きっと楽しい時間を過ごせるよ。
Sc: うん、そうするつもり。


Sc: あー足が痛いよ。
N: どうしたの?
Sc: 隅田川花火大会に行って、家に帰る途中で下駄が壊れた
N: そんなの初めて。下駄が壊れるなんて聞いたことないわ。
Sc: ああ、フェイスブックに写真を載せたら僕が太ってきたっ
N: それでどうしたの?
Sc: 毅然とした態度をとって、壊れてない部分でバランス取り
N:  形式はどうあれうまくいけばいいってことね。