English Lesson: Anytime, Anywhere


N:  Nicole    K:  Koichi    T:  Tetsu

N: How are things, Koichi?
K: Oh, you know.  Same old same old.
   Did you have a nice ride today (referring to the taxi ride)?
N: Now that you've mentioned it, I think that was the most          
  entertaining taxi ride I have ever had.
K: Tell me all about it.

Just before Nicole started her story, Tetsu arrived on that 
precise moment.

T: Hi guys!  I hope I am not interrupting.
K: Nicole was just about to recount her cab ride.
T: Were you involved in a vehicular accident?  
N: Calm down, Tetsu.  I am fine.  It's nothing like that.
   On the contrary, it was a very interesting experience.

Nicole told the two eager learners about how the taxi driver 
wanted to talk about Steve Jobs and her take on nuclear 
energy issue.

K: That's one smart taxi driver!
N: And a very loquacious man at that!
T: I admire him for carrying on a conversation with you for 
   20 minutes.  He must really have wanted to practice English 
   with you.
N: He sure did!  It felt like it was a lesson.
K: So, you had a lesson with him.
   I hope you got paid.
N: Actually, I teased him about it.
   I was hoping he would take the bait.
   As he pulled the taxi to a halt in front of the building, 
   I asked him if it was a free ride.
T: And what did he say?
N: He was flabbergasted and couldn't say anything.
   I think it was the only moment that he was at a loss for 
   words during the entire time we were together.
K: Looks like you got him with that comment, Nicole.


★Same old same old. - いつもと同じである。相変わらずだ。
★now that you've mentioned it~ - そう言われてみると~、
★entertaining - 面白い、愉快な
★precise - まさにその、ちょうどその
★recount - ~について詳しく話す、~を物語る
★cab - タクシー
★vehicular accident - 自動車事故
★calm down~ - ~を落ち着かせる、なだめる
★on the contrary~ - それどころか
★eager - しきりに~したがる、~を切望した
★take on~ - ~についての見解(見方・解釈)
★smart - 賢い、頭が切れる
★loquacious - 多弁な、おしゃべりな
★at that - さらに、その上
★admire - ~を称賛(敬服)する
★carry on a conversation - 会話を続ける
★take the bait - 餌に食いつく
★pull to a halt - 駐車場に車を止める
★free ride -  無料乗車、ただ乗り
★flabbergasted - あっけに取られた、あぜんとした
★loss for words - 言葉に詰まる、絶句する、言葉を失う


N:  ニコル    K:  コウイチ    T:  テツ

N: 調子はどう、コウイチ?
K: ああ、いつもと一緒だよ。
N: そう言われてみると、今までで一番面白いタクシー移動だった
K: それは聞きたいな。


T: やあみんな! 邪魔してないといいけど。
K: ニコルがタクシーについて話そうとしてたとこなんだ。
T: 交通事故に巻き込まれたのかい?
N: 落ち着いてよテツ。私は大丈夫。そういうんじゃないの。


K: それはなかなか知的なタクシー運転手さんだったね!
N: それにとても話し好きで!
T: きみと20分も会話をしたなんてすごいね。ニコルと本当に英語
N: ほんとそうね! まさしくレッスンのようだったわ。
K: じゃ、彼とレッスンしたんだね。お金もらえたならいいけど。
N: 実はそのことを冗談で言ってみたのよ。食いついてくれればと
T: それでなんだって?
N: あっけにとられて何も言えなくなってたわ。一緒にいるあいだ
K: その一言で一杯食わせたせたようだね、ニコル。