"Riding a Death Trap" 死のトラップに乗る



Characters: M: Mason, U: Umi, F: Felicity

M: Ah! What a great vacation! After months of grueling work,
  it's so good to have finally gotten a little R&R.
U: I'm glad to hear that you're well-rested.
   What did you do with yourself in your time off?
M: Nothing, mostly. But I did get the chance to visit Yokohama
   the other day.
U: That's nice. How was it?
M: Pretty good. I visited Chinatown, walked along the pier,
   and went to Cosmo World.
F: Ooh, Cosmo World! That sounds like fun!
M: Yeah, it was okay.
F: What do you mean just "okay?"
   Didn't you go on any of the rides?
M: God no! You'll never get me on one of those death traps!
F: (rolling her eyes) Oh come on, Mason. They're perfectly safe!
M: Famous last words.
U: Do you mean to tell us you're afraid of heights?
M: No, of course not. I'd just rather not fall and leave a
   Mason-shaped splatter on the concrete.
F: Maybe you'd prefer to do something a little safer next time        
   instead? Say, for instance, karaoke?
M: (blank stare) Riding a death trap sounds lovely, thank you.


★vacation - 休暇、休廷期間、休日
★grueling -(精神的・肉体的に)非常に骨の折れる、
★R&R = rest and relaxation - 保養休暇、休養兼娯楽
★pretty good - かなり良い、なかなかいい
★pier - 埠頭、桟橋、防波堤
★death trap - 死の落とし穴
★famous last words - ずいぶん自信があるね、それはどうかな
★splatter - はねかし、はね散らすこと(音)
★say - 例えば
★for instance - 例えば、例として
★lovely -(皮肉な意味で)素晴らしい

●Comprehension Questions:

Where did Mason go on vacation?
1. Yokohama
2. Back home
3. Tokyo

Why didn't Mason get on any of the rides?
1. He thinks they're death traps.
2. He didn't have enough money.
3. He ran out of time.

What did Felicity suggest Mason try next time?
1. Karaoke
2. Go to the beach
3. Mountain climbing


登場人物: M - メイソン U - ウミ F - フェリシティー

M: ああ!なんて素晴らしい休暇だったんだ!何ヶ月も仕事で疲れ
U: 十分休息できたみたいで良かったわね。
M: ほとんど何も。でもこの間横浜に行く機会があったんだ。
U: いいわね。どうだった?
M: なかなか良かったよ。中華街に行って、桟橋沿いを歩き、
F: あー、コスモワールド!楽しそう!
M: ああ、まあまあだったよ。
M: 乗るわけないよ!そうやって死の落とし穴に入れようという手には
M: それはどうかな。
U: まさか高所恐怖症って言うんじゃないでしょうね?
M: もちろん違うよ。ただ、落ちてコンクリートにメイソン型の血
F: 次は代わりに少し安全なことをしたがいいかもね?ほら、例えば